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Mist of Cyrangar – Diablo Immortal

Cyrangar Mist is one of the temporary events of Diablo Immortal. Protect the world of Sanctuary from the forces of the Underworld brewing in the shadows. From September 21 to 30 at 03:00, several objectives and rewards are available to players. Find all the details below!

Note: An experience bonus will be active during the entire event, until you are at the Paragon level of your server.

1. Introduction

A thick mist rises from the mountains near Westmarch. Accomplish the proposed tasks and get various rewards as well as clues about what awaits you next in the world of Sanctuary…

2. Revelation

As the event unfolds, additional clues regarding the approaching content in Diablo Immortal will be revealed.

  • September 21 : Start of the event.
  • September 23 : 3 Emblems, Major Stage I
  • September 25 : 3 Emblems, Major Stage II
  • September 28 : 1 Legendary Emblem, Major Stage III

3. Tasks

Several tasks are available during the event, giving you different rewards.

3.1.Daily tasks

  • Kill 10 monsters : 1 Enchanted Dust, 40 Scavenged Materials, 5,000 gp

3.2. Probationary tasks

  • Login for 2 days : 1 Enchanted Dust, 40 Scavenged Materials, 5,000 gp
  • Login for 4 days : 2 Enchanted Dust, 80 Salvage Materials, 10,000 gp