Microsoft updates PowerToys – the app now takes up much less space

MicrosoftWindows 10 and Windows 11 are today very complete operating systems that offer dozens of functions to quickly perform certain operations, but Microsoft is also in charge of the development of PowerToys , a suite of small utilities of all kinds that greatly simplify users’ lives. Recently, the Redmond firm released a new update for PowerToys: the new version, more precisely 0.63 , does not bring any tangible novelties or new programs, but on the contrary fixes some bugs and above all reduces the space occupied on the hard drive afterwards. Microsoft has indeed succeeded in reducing the size of the PowerToys installer, from the 125 MB required by version 0.62.1 to only 83 MB for this version 0.63. In addition, once the software is installed, it only takes up 587 MB instead of 817 MB.

The company claimed to have achieved this by “sharing” certain files related to development libraries (such as Windows App SDK, VC++ Redistributable and PowerToys Interop) between the various tools that make up PowerToys: in this way it is not not necessary to have a copy of a particular file for each tool that needs it, but only one is needed. In any case, however, there is an important new feature for QuickAccent, a software that allows you to quickly enter accented letters (we talked about it here): it is now possible to choose a specific language to reduce the number of accents displayed on the window. At the bottom of the article you will always find the long changelog of this version of PowerToys.