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Microsoft Releases 22621.598 And 22622.598 On Beta Channel

Microsoft starts the week early and releases new builds for the beta channel. According to the new standard, these builds, 22621.598 and 22622.598 are divided into “features disabled by default (xxx21) and “new features rolled out”, just in case there isn’t enough confusion in Windows Insider already.

In the latest “New Features” version, users “for now” cannot uninstall interrelated apps or repair Win32 apps using Settings > Apps > Installed apps. There are a few fixes for 22622.598, including for a small set of Insiders not being able to launch File Explorer, and “an issue where command bar items such as copy, paste, and emptying the trash can, of unexpectedly not being activated when they should be.

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Both versions get fixes for a duplicate print queue file and an issue with roaming profiles, and there’s a new known issue where

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Clicking the network icon on the lock screen does not work and will crash the lock screen and may require you to reactivate to connect. Once connected, you can switch between wireless networks as needed.

You can find out all the details in the blog post.

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