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Microsoft launches new “Friends & Family” plan for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

PARIS, Sept. 2 (Benin News / EP) –

MicrosoftXbox Game Pass Ultimatewhere it is possible to subscribe up to five players from the same country of residence.

Xbox Currently offers three levels of Game Pass membership: Console, PC and Ultimate, which combines all the benefits of the previous two, with features such as access to EA Play and hundreds of games, including those from Xbox Game Studios from launch day.

The Redmond company began testing this new monthly subscription service in Colombia and Ireland at the beginning of August. She then confirmed that the plan allowed for up to five players.

Today, Microsoft announced the official launch of the service, which is now available to all users in both countries. As the Xbox website recalls, the new “family and friends” plan allows users to share their Game Pass Ultimate subscription with up to four additional users.

The only requirement is that all members of the same Xbox Game Pass plan must reside in the following countries in the same country. This means that if a group member changes their country or region of residence and it no longer matches that of the primary account holder, they will be removed from the group.

In addition, the administrator will be responsible for payments, made through the Microsoft Digital Store, and the only one who can add or remove other group members from the account, which can be coordinated from the Services page and subscriptions.

Microsoft also pointed out that users can be part of just one family plan, not multiple ones. In addition, the company only allows a maximum of eight people to go through a single account each year, in case of rotation of members of a single account. For their part, the members of this plan can only join one of these groups twicealso every 365 days.

The company clarified that each user will maintain their own account and profile in order to save their games and record their progress, as well as receive personalized recommendations based on their activity on the subscription service.

The technology company also recalled that members of the same Xbox Game Pass plan can play at the same time, even the same titleor enjoy an online multiplayer game together.


Pricing for the new plan is 21.99 euros in Ireland and 49,900 pesos in Colombia, but the company expects more countries and regions to be eligible for the plan “in the coming months”, although no specific date is given. has been fixed.

Microsoft also confirmed the conversion rate for users who previously had a subscription to one of its services. Thus, users who have 30 days of Game Pass Ultimate will now be able to enjoy the following benefits 18 days of this new plan for family and friends. Meanwhile, those with a month’s worth of Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass for console or PC will be able to get 12 days.

Finally, those who had 30 days of EA Play, the subscription service from Electronic Arts, will now get 6 days of the new Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan.


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