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“Microsoft fraud, a classic technique”

A blocked computer, a phone call and voila, you are debited. Olivier Bogaert, commissioner at the Federal Computer Crime Unit, is no stranger to this type of scam. “We call it Microsoft fraud. It is a classic technique which consists of blocking the user’s computer using a pop-up. Somehow the scammer tries to trick you into divulging your banking information by promising to unlock your machine. »

To avoid this kind of setback, Olivier Bogaert invites the use of a prepaid credit card rather than the digipass. “When you give a code with this reader, fraudsters can take full possession of your account using banking applications. The risks are therefore much higher. »

As for those responsible, Olivier Bogaert explains to us who could be hiding behind the Plebicom company informed about the transfer made by Myriam’s scammers. “We are not necessarily dealing with a fictitious company. Plebicom, in this case, could be an official site that scammers use by purchasing a subscription or using the tools made available by this company through the impersonated account. »

In order to report any fraud and to expand the database allowing the resolution of this type of case, the FPS Economy provides a platform at