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Microsoft Begins Accelerating Windows 11 2022 Rollout

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If you’re eager to get your hands on the latest Windows 11 stuff, there’s good news. Microsoft is increasing the availability of Windows 11 2022 for those who click “check for updates”. Keep in mind that if Microsoft finds any incompatibilities in your system, either hardware or application, they may put protection against your machine receiving the update until the problem be solved.

Those who choose not to use the update check option will remain on the traditional release schedule, giving the software giant the ability to continue monitoring the rollout. Those who wish to manually update their systems can do so by downloading the official ISO from its website or by using the Windows 11 installation wizard. Users choosing this method should proceed with caution and be familiar with their systems. The safest option is to let Microsoft Systems deliver the update when your system is ready.

Microsoft issued warnings about some incompatibilities with the update, some printer drivers had issues as well as a problem copying large files to Windows 11 2022 systems locally or over a network.

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