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Michel Drucker: his chilling secrets about his sister found “dead, suffocated”!

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This Monday was a very special date for Michel Drucker. Indeed, the host adored by the French has could celebrate his 80th birthday. It has therefore already been a while since the facilitator has seen all the colors. With a lot of joyof gigglebut also of tears and of anger like any human. But a drama clearly marked him more. This is the drama of his life. He rarely mentions it, it’s about the death of his sister in the program Vivement dimanche. We’ll explaine everything here.

A busy life

It has already been 80 years since Michel Drucker was born. So he had a full life. Success is clearly at the rendezvous for his professional career. But beyond joy and success, he also experienced many sorrows. But one drama more than another clearly marked it. It is with our colleagues from Gala that the host seems to confide. The edition in which we can find his words has been published since September 8.

In this edition, he talks about beautiful things, like his relationship with his dear wife Dany Saval. But also of his loved ones who brought him so many good things and peace. But after that, Michel Drucker spoke of a drama. The death of his sister when she was still a baby at the time.

Michel Drucker, near death

And it must be said that at unfortunately 80 years old, Michel Drucker had time to mourn many friends. Indeed, the latter was very close to Johnny Hallyday, who passed away nearly five years ago. Or even Claude François that he carried in his heart. But even closer to him, Michel Drucker lost his sister when she was a baby. So during the interview, a sensitive question has been asked. The latter asked, apart from the artistswhich of his dead loved ones he would wish to see again.

And it was without hesitation that Michel Drucker replied painfully that “My parents, Abraham and Lola, of course, my brother Jean, of course… And then my sister Moniquewhich I did not know, and who was the eldest”. So our colleagues from Gala have clearly underlined the fact that the host almost never spoke of this older sister. This is how the host confides that “No. She was born in 1939, and She rests in the cemetery of Eygalières. I had her burial transferred to Provence, so that she would be near her mother. She would have been 83 today”.

The cause of death

Thus, Michel Drucker continues on the painful confession of the death of this sister who left too soon. “She died at the age of 8 months : my parents had gone to dinner with friends, and the person who was taking care of her put her down in her bed. When they got back, they found her dead, suffocated. A drama. We talked very little about it between us”.

And to end on a positive note, Michel Drucker talks about his beautiful relationship with his wife. He then states “My great pride, believe me, is my life as a couple. I am the man of duration. I always wanted a family that lasts, a couple that lasts”. Because it turns out that the host has never had children.