You are currently viewing Michel Cymes with cancer: “It doesn’t just happen to others”, reveals the favorite doctor of the French

Michel Cymes with cancer: “It doesn’t just happen to others”, reveals the favorite doctor of the French

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In a book which will be published on October 5, the doctor addresses, for the first time, the most important moments of his life, including the cancer from which he recovered. He discovers himself and shares his fight which allowed him to overcome the disease. A testimony that he promises sincere and moving.

“You will see that cancer does not only happen to others and that it is important to get screened because we are not always lucky enough, like me, to discover it by chance…” he admits in the presentation of his book on the website of his publisher, Editions Stock.

Michel Cymes sick: “Nothing is impossible”

I approach a subject whose details I had always tried to keep secret, a subject which I will never fully understand but on which I have made great progress (…): my experience. “He promises confidences and revelations about his battle with illness and his childhood.

“A modest childhood can be the foundation of many miracles if it is happy. You will discover that thefamily history is capital in the construction and the choices of the man that I have become”, confides the 65-year-old host.

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France’s favorite doctor

“(…) controversies weigh little compared to the friendships and unforgettable encounters that life has in store. » he continues. The practitioner is also known for his media releases, and his book Hippocrates in the underworldpublished in 2015, on the Nazi doctors, aroused the controversial. He evoked the origins of his family, Polish Jews who emigrated to France during the interwar period and the death of his two grandfathers in deportation to the Auschwitz camp.

“This book is different from all my other books. » promises the one who stopped practicing medicine in 2021 and now devotes himself exclusively to his media career. He has been hosting since October 2018 Ça ne sera pas d’ici!, a medical talk show broadcast on Wednesday evening in the second part of the evening on France 2. A program where he receives his guests in a medical office setting.