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Messenger now tests end-to-end encryption by default in Spain

PARIS, Sept. 1 (Benin News / EP) –

Default end-to-end encryption tests in chat conversations Messenger have started to arrive in Spain, where some users will receive a notification that this new feature is now available.

Point-to-point encryption is a security measure that protects messages exchanged during a conversation from interception by third parties. This limitation including the messaging platform itself, which can only access it with the prior consent of the user.

Meta began testing new Messenger features, including default point-to-point encryption, in mid-August. Now, these trials have now reached Spainas announced by the company itself in a press release sent to Europa Press.

As a result, some Messenger users in Spain will start receiving a notification that they have already it is no longer necessary to activate this encryption to protect your chats.

This method is already present on another Meta platform, WhatsApp. Similarly, in Facebook’s messaging app, Messenger, user-enabled encryption has been optional since 2017, when it introduced Secret Conversations.