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Meghan and Harry demoted: the couple suffers a new official snub

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Back to business. The period of mourning following the death of Elizabeth II is officially over and the activities of the royal family have resumed their course. And the new King Charles III will not have taken long to take strong decisions.

A questioning timing

Even before the succession, it was rumored that the former Prince of Wales had the idea of ​​forming a more restricted hard core around him. The rumors seem to be true, since the sovereign has officially relegated his son, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle to the last rank, or almost, of the Firm. Barely arrived in California, the Sussexes saw themselves demoted on the royal family’s website and now appear at the end of the list with the only deposed Prince Andrew behind them. A snub for those who still hope to obtain the titles of prince and princess for their children, Archie and Lilibet.

At the same time, the former actress has just announced the release of the second episode of “Archetypes”, her podcast, with great fanfare. On social networks, some Internet users believe that this is a counter-fire, neither more nor less. Others feel the timing is questionable. Anyway, his admirers have an appointment on October 4 on Spotify.