Meetings on Meet will be much more fun with Spotify, UNO, YouTube, and more

GoogleGoogle Meet is becoming more and more important for BigG: the company announced in early June that Meet and Duo would become a single application for video calls and messages, both for “ordinary” users and for organizations such as as businesses or schools. the first signs of this union have already begun to be felt. Obviously Google continues to update the Meet application and in the latest Google Meet update for Android, specifically version 2022.07.24 , some functions have been discovered that will arrive in the next few days: we are talking about the possibility to run certain applications and mini-games during video calls.

Here are the references found in the application, along with a description:

– GQueues: Task manager for teams
– Heads Up! Play Charades with friends!
– Kahoot! – Host and play engaging learning games
– Spotify: Users can listen to their favorite music and/or podcasts
– UNO! ™: The classic game at your fingertips
– YouTube: Watch videos with others

Essentially, Google Meet will integrate with the service-linked Android app and allow you to run those apps in the company of video call participants. With Spotify and YouTube it will be possible to listen to a song or watch a video at the same time, with UNO, Kahoot! and Heads Up! you can challenge your friends and so on. It is not clear, however, how everything will work: for example, with the mini-games, a lobby will probably be created with the participants of the video call and a host will be chosen to “manage” everything, while for Spotify, YouTube and GQueues we do not have any information about the operation yet.