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McDonalds become PokéStops for Pokémon GO

A great novelty for the Pokémon GO community: McDonalds become PokéStops, and McCafé Arenas!

Pokémon Worlds has just ended, after several days of competition on many games! Pokémon GO was one of the games affected by this event, with many rewards to be obtained during this period for all players, and new raids and Pokémon to discover.

It was the day after these Worlds that great news was announced: from this Monday, August 22, more than 1600 McDonalds in France will become PokéStops. But that’s not all, since the McCafés will become Arenas !

McDonalds become PokéStops in France

From this Monday, August 22, when you walk near a McDonald’s in France, you can use a PokéStop! Indeed, the vast majority of McDonalds across the country will become PokéStopsand their McCafés will be Arenas.

Regarding the McCafé, a exclusive event will be available from September 13 ! For a week, it will be possible to discover Raid by McCafe. You will then be able to face on the spot and as a team a powerful and rare Pokémon, which has not yet been revealed. Three other raids will also take place for the duration of the partnership between McDonald’s and Pokémon.

This news should delight a large number of gamers, especially those living in small towns where there are McDonalds. A PokéStop and an additional Arena is a big advantage to progress faster on Pokémon GO! Re the end date, it has not been announced yetbut these PokéStops should be available for several more weeks.

This collaboration comes at the same time as the Pokémon cards, which are again available in McDonald’s Happy Meals !