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McDonald’s Announces Adult Happy Meal Menu

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Stroke of genius or not, those who are most nostalgic for the era of the Happy Meal and the little toy offered with the meal, are back in American McDonald’s. Indeed, the world-famous fast-food brand has announced via social networks a new arrival on its menu.

This is a Happy Meal menu specially designed for adults. This limited edition of the children’s menu will allow the older ones to relive memories of yesteryear.

For Tariq Hassan, Marketing Director of the brand, it’s a real McDonald’s experience that will be repackaged in a new way that is hyper-relevant for nostalgic adult fans. It is from October 3 that American restaurants will distribute the Happy Meal for adults with, of course, a toy inside.

The box that will contain the meal and the toy is the result of a collaboration with the Cactus Plan Flea Market clothing brand. In this Happy Meal, McDonald’s seniors will find a figurine bearing the image of an emblematic character from the restaurant chain or also a character Cactus Buddy! imagined by the partner.

This brand owes its success thanks to world-renowned ambassadors such as Travis Scott, Kanye West, Cara Delevingne and Kid Cudi. These collaborations also allow the American group to increase its sales.

What will you find in the box and at what price?

Logically, a Happy Meal menu for children contains a burger or 4 chicken nuggets, a small portion of fries or vegetables, a drink, a dessert and the toy.

For older children, the Happy Meal will be more consistent since it will contain a Big Mac or a box of 10 chicken nuggets. Of course, they will also be entitled to have fries and a drink. In addition, McDonald’s has not yet communicated anything about the price of this menu for adults. But we can still estimate the price of this meal by comparing it with other menus in the range.

For a menu with 10 chicken nuggets accompanied by a portion of medium fries and a simple drink, we arrive at $8.99. Same thing if you take a Big Mac instead. So it wouldn’t be surprising to see this Happy Meal come in at $9-10

And you, do you want a Happy Meal menu for adults in Belgium?