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Max Dupri has drawn the wrath of officials

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It’s now been a few weeks since Max Dupri, known as LA Knight on NXT, presents his Maximum Male Models with ma.çé and mån.sôör. For this week’s blue show, WWE announced that the group would present the 2022 Beachwear collection to us with the presence of Maxxine Dupri, sister of Max Dupri.

But that’s not really what we saw on SmackDown last night. Thus, we were only entitled to a behind-the-scenes segment with Maxxine Dupri and ma.çé as well as mån.sôör, without Max Dupri. In fact, Maxxine is Sofia Cromwella 25-year-old wrestler who was at NXT 2.0, and she could take the place of her supposed brother.

Indeed, the PWTorch claims that Max Dupri would have drawn the wrath of “some people” behind the scenes. A few weeks ago, before retiring, Vince McMahon decided to withdraw him from the group and from television shows. The US site goes on to say that Max Dupri knew this was his final appearance when he announced his sister would be on SmackDown.

Away from the shows, the future of Max Dupri is currently unknown. We will certainly know more very soon.

Photo credit: WWE