You are currently viewing Mathieu (Love is in the meadow) separated from Alexandre: he will make a “baby all alone”!

Mathieu (Love is in the meadow) separated from Alexandre: he will make a “baby all alone”!

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Fans of Love is in the Meadow are in mourning. One of the most beautiful couples created by the show is no more. This couple is the one formed by Mathieu and Alexandre. When they realize, it’s the heart stroke. The age difference, they don’t care. If Alexandre is younger, his maturity affects Mathieu. They then build a beautiful relationship together and even end up saying yes. The next logical step is to welcome a child, and the steps were already well underway. But finally, feeling Alexandre leaving little by little, Mathieu decided it was time to separate, before hating each other. This is what he explains to Jordan de Luxe in an exclusive interview.

Love is in the meadow: one less couple for the show

Facing Jordan de Luxe, Mathieu drops the bomb. Yes, he and Alexandre are currently separated. They still love each other, are still very close and call each other every day. But they understood that they could no longer stay married, simply because they do not have the same expectations. When Alexandre explains to Mathieu that he is not happy, the decision is made, after hours of discussion.

We have lived two extraordinary years, really. We did a lot of trips. But at one point, Alexandre struggled to find his place. I think he needed a quieter, less turbulent life. He wanted to be stable, a more traditional life. »

We agree on everything. He wants to live something else. I need a more turbulent life, to move right, left, do lots of things. The life I wanted no longer suited him. I’m as faulty as him, in fact, it’s 50/50. That’s why I let him go. I am as responsible as him“.

Karine Le Marchand reacts to the news

Since their participation in Love is in the meadow, Mathieu and Alexandre have been close to the host of the program, Karine Le Marchand. Inevitably, Mathieu immediately contacted him to tell him the news. And it is with amazement that he discovers that she is in no way surprised. ” I told her right away and she told me she felt it. That the last time we ate together, she felt… She told me that she had already sensed Alexandre gone. While I didn’t feel it, but I was in the middle of the thing so uh... »

For the moment, there is no question for Mathieu of finding a soul mate by participating in Love is in the meadow. ” I will have to digest“, he explains to Jordan de Luxe. Faced with Cyril Hanouna on Touche pas à mon poste, when the latter indicates that Mathieu will not remain single for long, he has the same reaction. He first wants a divorce before considering a revival in his love life.

The star of Love is in the meadow soon dad

This surprising news does not change anything about Mathieu’s plans to become a dad. They’ve been talking about it for months, they decided to turn to surrogacy to have a child. The latter will finally be raised alone by Mathieu, who turned to Colombia to see his wish for paternity come true. The baby should arrive within fifteen months. I’m having a baby solo. “I organize my professional life to work from home. The decision is that I’m going to make the baby alone. So I left to give my seed”.

I don’t want to bring a child into an already separated household. It is not possible. The farmer is in any case impatient to become a dad. ” I can not stand it anymore. I am a father through and through“. Small disappointment for those who thought that Karine Le Marchand would be the godmother of the baby, this is not the case. ” The baby’s godfather will be Jérôme from L’amour est dans le pré de ma saison, and the godmother will be my sister. Then, I am the godfather of my sister’s children. It’s normal that she is the godmother of my child “.