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Maserati launches 10-year warranty extension

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Maserati has just announced the introduction of a new extended warranty. The “Extra10” program supplements the existing four- or five-year warranty extension program. This new service is available worldwide, for all customers who own a Maserati within ten years of the date of registration, with no mileage limit.

This extended warranty includes specific parts and labor coverage for the powertrain (engine, transmission and transmission). “All other parts and labor for work not specifically described as covered by the extended warranty program are not included and are offered for a fee,” explains the brand.

The warranty extension can only be requested if the vehicle meets specific criteria. For example, maintenance operations, ordinary overhauls and/or recall campaigns had to be carried out in an approved centre. The vehicle has not participated in competitions, had no serious accident or been stolen, explains the Maserati website.

The extension also includes breakdown assistance accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which offers removal, a replacement vehicle, accommodation costs, repatriation of the vehicle, etc.