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Mario Kart, one of Nintendo’s biggest hits, turns 30

Mario Kart is no less than 8 “classic” games released between 1992 and 2017, to which must be added 3 special editions released in arcade version.

The principle of the game is simple : Mario, emblematic mascot of the Nintendo console that we told you about here, faces, aboard his karting, a multitude of other adversaries to whom he delivers a mad dash. Objective: cross the finish line first.

As a player, you can decide to play as the game’s iconic chubby little plumber, or one of his adversaries, including his brother Luigi, Princess Peach or Donkey Kong. The list of opponents is quite long and has moreover evolved a lot over the versions of the game. But only 6 of them are present in all the shutters left these last 30 years.

Big contribution of the game: the small objects to collect on the course! Your character can at any time pick up different objects found on the circuit, objects that will allow him to attack his opponents in order to slow them down or to protect himself. Some items are specific to each character. Thus, Yoshi (but if you see, the little green dinosaur!) can use eggs that have the same power as the banana peels used by other characters.