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Margrethe II and Benedikte of Denmark at the 300th anniversary concert of Fredensborg Palace

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On October 11, 2022, Queen Margrethe and her sister, Princess Benedikte, attended a concert at Fredensborg Palace Church. The musical evening was organized to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Fredensborg Palace, an anniversary which also coincides with the birthday of King Frederick IV, the first occupant of the palace.

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300 years of Fredensborg Palace celebrated with music

Fredensborg Palace is a royal residence much loved by the royal family. Built in the 18th century in a Baroque style, it was King Frederick IV who closely supervised the work. In addition to being the sponsor of the work, some rumors say that he would actually be the real architect of his palace, leaving his architect, Johan Cornelius Krieger, to assist him.

Photo of Fredensborg Palace (Photo: Chin tin tin/ Wikimedia Commons CC by 3.0)

Fredensborg Palace was inaugurated in 1722 by King Frederick IV, but its construction was not really completed until 1724. Fredensborg means “area of ​​peace”, in reference to the treaty signed by Denmark-Norway and Sweden in the part of the Great Northern War, in 1720. The treaty was signed on the premises still under construction.

On October 11, 2022, Queen Margrethe II and her younger sister attended a birthday concert at the palace church. The date of October 11 was not chosen by chance. It is also the date of birth of King Frederick IV who devoted a lot of time and energy to the construction of Fredensborg. Frederick IV was born October 11, 1671 and died October 12, 1730.

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The concert was performed by the vocal ensemble Musica Ficta and the baroque orchestra Camerata Øresund. The original composition told the story of four Danish palaces competing for favor with Frederick IV to become his favorite residence.

After the death of Queen Juliane-Marie in 1796, the palace was rarely used. The queen, wife of Frederick V, died in this palis. It was not until the reign of Christian IX in the late 19th century that Fredensborg Palace once again became the setting for the royal family’s life for longer periods.

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