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Many French drivers in Belgium to refuel

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Belgian petrol pumps located near the border with France have seen a 15 to 20% increase in demand in recent days, due to the strike action affecting several French refineries and fuel depots.

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VSHowever, this situation does not lead to any supply concerns in Belgium, Olivier Neirynck, technical director of Brafco, the federation of fuel and fuel traders, told the Belgian press agency Belga.

“Stocks have been built up. As long as the social conflict continues in France, we are ready, ”he said.

Many French service stations have been experiencing supply disruptions for several days due to strikes in refineries and fuel depots for TotalEnergies and Esso-ExxonMobil. This social movement is intended to demand wage increases, against a backdrop of inflation and record profits for the oil groups.

Just over 20% of service stations were affected on Saturday throughout France, but with much greater difficulties in the northern half of the country. Thus, in the Nord department, bordering Belgium, nearly 40% of the stations encountered difficulties.

Mr Neirynck also said that the symbolic blocking of two TotalEnergies sites in Belgium this weekend had not caused any supply problems.

From Saturday morning to Sunday noon, hundreds of activists from the Code Rouge citizens’ coalition camped out to paralyze the activities of these sites.

This “massive action of civil disobedience” aimed to demand the exit from fossil fuels and to point the finger at the responsibility of industry in the climate and social crisis.