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Many FORTIS customers charged twice: “Huge bug!”

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“Double bank debit”, “Huge bug!”, “A double charge on my BNP account Fortis !“: you are (very) numerous this Wednesday to tell us a problem with your bank account if it is hosted by BNP Fortis via the orange button Alert us. Many people specify that the problematic direct debits are dated September 6.

Asked, the bank confirms this “technical problem”, Concerning “7% of yesterday’s total transactions”. For some customers, the operations of September 6 were therefore taken twice this Wednesday: mainly in-store payments, withdrawals and for some monthly payments. “We are aware of the problem and we are in the process of fixing it”we are told. “Transfers are stored in data files and some were sent twice by mistake, this is an incident”, continues our interlocutor. That customers are reassured: “Everything is being done to get the problem resolved faster.” Normal recovery of the situation is done in several phases: part of the problem should be resolved during the day “or tomorrow morning”.

The money should be restored to the accounts concerned shortly and no direct debit should occur again today, promises BNP Fortis which calls its customers “to touch nothing” and not “not take steps” in their personal space. “We apologize to customers affected by this bug”would like to finally add the banking establishment.