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Malakai Black explains his recent injury

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Those who watch “AEW Dynamite” or “AEW Rampage” regularly will have noticed that House of Black leader Malakai Black hasn’t wrestled much in recent weeks, his last match was almost a month ago. to “Rampage”. And according to Black, there’s a very good reason for that.

He posted videos and a message on TikTok, talking about the struggle he had been through with his back.

Black explains:

“About 3 months ago I suffered from a back injury that I was convinced was going to end my career.

Even after a year of treatment, it had no results. All of a sudden we found the right vertebra, during a dry needling session, and everything was released.

From there, I was able to readapt and get stronger. This has allowed me for a few months to slowly return to the deadlift and some additional movements. »

Despite the injury that has plagued him since his AEW debut last year, Black has remained a regular on the company’s schedule: both through his backstage promotions and both in the ring with the members of House of Black: Brody King and Buddy Matthews.

At the moment, Black is involved in a program with Miro, who is debating whether or not he should join the House of Black.

Let’s hope Malakai Black returns to 100% form and rocks us again with his athletic skills.

photo credit: AEW