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Magalie Vaé victim of shameful remarks in TPMP: she breaks the silence on video, her perfect answer

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Saturday October 22, 2022, Matthieu Delormeau was at the helm of a new issue of TPMP People, on C8. And, when looking back on the new season of the star Academy, Magalie Vaé was not spared. But no question for the 35-year-old singer to let herself go without reacting. Thus, on October 26, she broke the silence on video, on Instagram.

Last Saturday, Matthieu Delormeau received Mario Barravecchia (season 1 in 2001), Houcine (season 2 in 2002) and Maud Verdeyen (season 5 in 2005) to discuss the return of the show which revealed them. And when giving their opinion on the future winner, the discussion drifted to Magalie Vaé when the physique of one of the students (namely Carla) was put forward. Unflattering remarks were made.

Magalie Vaé did not miss these statements. After a few days, the winner of season 5 therefore wished to speak on video in order to respond to the team of TPMP People. “The first thing that was said was that to be a singer, you had to be beautiful and sexy. And the result was: ‘Well no look at Magalie Vaé.’ Alright, I’m not going to dwell. But in the dictionary definition, beautiful and sexy does not appear in singer or singer. He’s someone who does his job and who knows how to sing“, she launched at first. She then invited the team to no longer take her as an example each time the physique of an artist was mentioned and clarified that she was a singer and not a model. “On stage, I go there to sing and to share extraordinary things with the public who come to see me, to transmit emotions“, added the mother of the family.

I haven’t said much for seventeen years

Magalie Vaé then responded to the criticism that she was not the best singer in the world. “Indeed, I am not the best singer in the world. But I find that for an animator, saying it in public is a little out of place. I have absolutely nothing against Matthieu Delormeau or the columnists, but I just wanted to express my feelings and be able to defend myself. I haven’t said much for seventeen years and today I feel like it. Regarding my talent, I wanted to invite Mr. Matthieu Delormeau to a future concert so that he can come and judge. It will be with great pleasure that I will welcome him. Then he can tell if I’m a real singer or not“, she continued.

Finally, she invited everyone to stop denigrating each other’s physique, because we are “in a world where everyone has their place“.”No one is better than someone else. We are all good for someone and also for ourselves“, she concluded.