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Maeva Ghennam: she only has a few days left before the end

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According to the latest information, Maeva Ghennam and Greg are still in full relationship. We will keep you informed !

So he only has a few days left to formalize the meeting…

On the Internet, Internet users follow the love stories of reality TV candidates with great interest. These people, even when the cameras are off, take advantage of their popularity on the web to maintain their story. Even when the cameras are off, reality TV contestants have been known to put on a show and expose every detail of their story. Greg and Maeva are among the few people who know how this industry works.

Maeva and Greg have had a lot of problems since they met.

They loved each other fiercely, but ended up destroying each other. Thanks to this story, viewers have been on an emotional roller coaster over the years. Despite everything, both maintain that they loved each other very much. However, after filming the Marseillais in Mexico, Maeva and Greg separated. Even though Maeva said she wouldn’t see her ex-boyfriend again, Greg’s eyes shone with hope.

Has Maeva started dating Grev again?

It seems that the blogger @medh.ikdr2 has dropped some information on Maeva and Grev. During a question and answer session, a netizen asked if Ghennam was still performing on the 50 in space bebew. The blogger replied: “No more and no less than usual!!!”.

Maeva Ghennam: Did Greg Yega shoot Fifty?

Does the story sound different for @navid_cherche, a blogger? According to him, Marwa would have been the target of Greg’s last step, but not Mélanie Orl. Maeva would have been on Greg’s side, according to @navid_cherche, but she would also have been looking for an opportunity to reconnect with him, which he later confirmed. “Maeva, he clarified, does not close the doors to Greg. She could approach him before he leaves the adventure.” This story continues to generate a lot of ink. Internet users are eager to know the rest of the events!

After the end of the Marseille episodes in Mexico, Maeva Ghennam spoke of her link with Greg.