You are currently viewing Maddy Burciaga pregnant: she poses in Eve’s outfit, internet users are surprised

Maddy Burciaga pregnant: she poses in Eve’s outfit, internet users are surprised

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Maddy Burciaga : for her pregnancy shoot, the mother-to-be chose to pose in Eve’s outfit. Internet users reacted en masse!

Maddy Burciaga shares some snaps

7 months pregnant, Maddy Burciaga documented her pregnancy on her Youtube channel and this, in particular, to answer the questions of her subscribers. Among the most recurrent questions are those concerning the intimate life of the pregnant woman.

And against all odds, Maddy Burciaga responded without filter to her subscribers. “We will speak French. I know this question came up a lot, so I’ll try to elaborate as much as possible. Even if for some, it’s a bit of a taboo subject. Me, I’m going to get to the heart of the matter. Personally, I have no problem having sex during my pregnancy.

Then add: “We wonder if we’re not going to hurt the baby or is it good or bad. Honestly, it’s never been forbidden to have sex while pregnant. On the contrary, it is even recommended. Of course, you shouldn’t go like a bully. That, we keep it for after or for before. » The young woman admits despite everything to be limited: “I feel like it, but it’s not the same sensations. We are more limited, we dare less and we think more about being careful all the same. So we are less into it. It’s always a hit, we’re not going to lie to each other. It is not the same. It’s different “.

Maddy Burciaga pregnant: she poses in Eve’s outfit, internet users are surprised

Internet users react to the photos of Maddy

As the end of her pregnancy approaches, Maddy (who is accused of having her nose redone) and Benji wanted to immortalize this adventure. What’s better than a shoot? A few days ago, the young woman announced that she had been able to take some photos with her husband. All dressed in white, both agreed to pose in front of the lens.

Finally, Maddy shared the result. In the published photos, she poses in the simplest device. Except that it did not please her subscribers so much, who wondered why she had shared such intimate photos. Among the many comments, we can read: “As much as she is gorgeous and sublime in her photos really. But then why naked? », « I would never understand the concept of giving birth while being pregnant? “.

But also : I admit that you are beautiful but I do not understand why to take naked photos?“, “What you show to the youth”, “It is still very intimate to pose n*e, so why share that? “, “I no longer understand these people! “, “Pictures like that for her yes, it is magnificent. The point of sharing with strangers… I don’t see”. The one who’s been a little dizzy lately hasn’t answered yet…

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