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Luxembourg/France: Gasoline pumps are dry on the French side

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Luxemburg/FranceGasoline pumps are dry on the French side

THIONVILLE – State and TotalEnergies aid in France, combined with the end of the rebate in Luxembourg, have left many service stations dry in the border area.

Some service stations have been stormed in France.


“We only have bioethanol left. We had no more diesel on Friday, and no SP95 on Saturday. We did not manage to absorb all the additional clientele, in particular the cross-border workers. I don’t think Total had foreseen such a rush. And we don’t know when we will be delivered,” confided an employee of a Total border station. By adding 20 cents discount to the 30 decided by the State, the group was a victim of its own success.

Because from Metz to Thionville via the Pays Haut and as far as Verdun, the Total stations have been stormed since last Thursday. “People are even calling to find out if we have any fuel left. Some came with canisters. It looks like it’s going to be war. It is incomprehensible because the discount is not just for a weekend, it is scheduled until the end of October”.

“People are calling to find out if we have any fuel left”

“In the border region, we are even more affected than elsewhere. We also have the Belgians coming. Much more than usual. On the side of Alsace, they have the Germans. We have also had many more Luxembourgers than usual in recent days. And these are not just company cars. People even call to find out if we have any fuel left, including a lot of Luxembourg numbers”.

Stations not really calibrated to deliver such volumes and which sometimes suffer from the low level of the Rhine which slows down their supply. The phenomenon did not stop at TotalEnergies stations, since many others experienced queues throughout the weekend.

The drop in prices since Saturday in Luxembourg (Petrol 95: 1.608 euro/litre (-10.8 cents), Petrol 98: 1.841 euro (-8.3 cents), Diesel: 1.826 euro (-6.9 cents)) could slow down the phenomenon a little. Even if they were even lower in some French stations (SP 95 at around 1.4 euro/litre and diesel at less than 1.7 euro). A difference of about 10 euros for a full 50 liters of SP 95 and 7.5 euros for as much diesel.