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Lowering your electricity or gas bill: advice from energy counters

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They are in high demand right now. Normal, everyone dreams of seeing their bill go down. What are the most frequent requests? And the recommendations given by these energy saving specialists? A brief overview.

At the beginning of September, requests are pouring in at the Tournai energy counter. Jean-François Philippe receives individuals who are sometimes very distraught, stunned by the last bill they received from their gas or electricity supplier.

Should I change the heater?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. “People who heat themselves with gas, in particular, are in a panic at the moment. Many are considering getting a heat pump. But that’s not always a good idea! What heat pump are we talking about? Air-water are more efficient. You should also know that heat pumps work well in well-insulated houses, and in combination with photovoltaic panels”. So beware of false good ideas, warns Jean-François Philippe.

Is this the right timing to insulate your home?

This is the best way to save money: avoid leaks! “And not by insulating only the roof or the frames. Now we have to think about walls and floors. That’s where we have to go, absolutely!”, insists the energy specialist. But every day, at the counter, he is confronted with the crisis and its realities. Who is going to start, at the present time, in XXL insulation work? “the priorities are elsewhere, these are big investments”. Those who push the door of the counter hope for less expensive and above all faster solutions. “Even if there are very interesting aids, to limit the invoice: loans at 0% in particular”.

Can we change suppliers?

I often meet ‘dormant customers’, that is to say people who have never renegotiated their contract, nor thought of changing supplier“, notes Jean-François Philippe. However, since 2009, the market has been liberalized. We can change gas and electricity suppliers. And we have every interest in looking into the question!” It can really pay off. A Tournaisian left the energy counter with a light heart, very recently: he had just earned 700 euros on his annual bill. “There are several energy comparators on the internet: the CWAP, the CREG, the site. We regularly help people do simulations. It can go from simple to double, depending on the supplier!”

Small gestures: are they really worth it?

Reduce your heating, turn off the light when you leave a room, defrost your freezer… These are tips repeated over and over again. We still sometimes wonder about their real impact on the bill. “It’s really worth the effort“, insists Jean-François Philippe. “Reducing your heating by a small degree saves 7%“. We promise to think about it!

Note on the agenda!

The Tournai energy desk gives lectures on the subject. The next, on September 14, is entitled “reducing your electricity consumption and choosing your supplier.” On October 26, we will learn how to “reduce your consumption of heating and hot water”. On December 7, focus on renewable energies, small photovoltaic installations and wood heating. Anyone can attend, face-to-face or by videoconference, provided they book ([email protected]).