You are currently viewing Loop8: Summer of Gods arrives in physical edition!  Do you dare to challenge your destiny?  – JRPGFR

Loop8: Summer of Gods arrives in physical edition! Do you dare to challenge your destiny? – JRPGFR

Marvelous Europe Limited and Just for Games are delighted to announce the arrival in France of the JRPG Loop8: Summer of Gods, which will be available in physical edition on Nintendo Switch in spring 2023.

Loop8: Summer of God, an atypical RPG not to be missed under any circumstances!

In this coming-of-age RPG, play as Neither nora teenager freshly landed on Earth and barely arrived in the picturesque Japanese city ofAshihara in August 1983. Explore the city, befriend its inhabitants and face the Kegai in turn-based battles whose outcomes depend on the relationships you have forged and the decisions you have made.

Loop8: Summer of Gods

Use Nini’s special connections with the gods to reset this world, and each loop will allow Nini and her allies to relive the 8th month over and over again until they can fix things or the Kegai fail to defeat them.

There is only one month left before the end of the world, how will you spend each day?

Check out the Loop8: Summer of Gods trailer!

Today’s trailer features for the first time the english voices of the gamewhich will be offered in addition to the original Japanese voice acting, giving players a glimpse of the captivating characters from the scenic town of Ashihara in 1983.

The team behind Loop8: Summer of Gods includes senior producer Yoichi Miyaji (series Lunarseries grandia), the game designer Yuri Shibamura (Gun Parade March, Touken Ranbu), character designers Shingo Adachi (Sword Art Online) and In Morikura (Kizuna Ai), the conceptual artist kitsuneiro (Amatsu Kitsune), the mascot designer Ryudai Murayama (Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin), and the composer Noriyuki Iwadare (series Ace Attorney).

A marvelous universe and rich gameplay!

Choices that can change the world

Loop8’s emotion-based system AI reacts to every action you take and every decision you make. The characters’ emotions and stories will change wildly based on your choices, making each playthrough totally unique.

Loop8: Summer of Gods

A beautiful coastal town filled with mysteries

A beautifully reproduced nostalgic portrait of rural Japan in 1983, Ashihara is home to a colorful cast of characters, each with their own secrets to unravel. Will your choices lead them to become staunch allies…or mortal enemies?

Loop8: Summer of Gods

Live an ordinary life, fight extraordinary enemies

Bond with the people of Ashihara while protecting the city from the constant threat of the Kegai, and repeat the cycle to discover how your daily actions can impact your fight in the underworld, and vice versa.

Loop8: Summer of Gods

Relive the past to change the future

Although the date of humanity’s extermination draws ever closer, Ashihara’s fate is still in your hands. Go back regularly to the beginning of August, change your actions and see how they change the course of things in several different epilogues.

Loop8: Summer of Gods

Loop8: Summer of Gods will be available in physical edition in spring 2023 on Nintendo Switch.

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