You are currently viewing Logitech G and Tencent’s portable console will integrate the Google Play Store in a design similar to that of the Nintendo Switch

Logitech G and Tencent’s portable console will integrate the Google Play Store in a design similar to that of the Nintendo Switch

PARIS, August 30 (Benin News/EP) –

Logitech G and Tencent The games work on a new handheld console which supports cloud gaming services such as Xbox or Nvidia, and whose design reflects the trend seen in hardware from companies such as Nintendo.

The games division of electronics manufacturer Logitech and Tencent Games announced in early August that they were collaborating on the development of a new handheld console based on cloud gaming, which will provide access to AAA titles.

Now, Evan Blassa well-known tech industry whistleblower, shared on his official Twitter account the three first images of this console which it brings together under the name of Logitech G Gaming, in which the inclusion of the Google Play Store and the similarity of its design with the Nintendo Switch stand out.

The console’s design stands out for its similarities to the Nintendo Switch, as seen in images shared by Blass.. Its predominant color is Whiteexcept for the joysticks and triggers, which appear black, and what looks like a home button with Logitech’s G logo, in bright yellow.

The screen is the main protagonist, and it is escorted by two asymmetrical joysticks, precisely like those of the Nintendo console and not like the Steam Deackthe recent approach of Valve to such devices.

The Logitech G Gaming also has a cross on the left side of the panel and another on the right side, where the A, B, X and Y buttons are represented, always according to the same layout as on the Nintendo machine.

At the bottom right is what appears to be a button for Welcome and, at the top, there are two more buttons, probably for pausing the game session and accessing the options menu, plus control the volume.

On the back, in addition to the two triggers and the two additional buttons, there is a rough surface intended to facilitate the grip of the console. There is also a kind of card slot to expand the memory of the device.

At the ‘software’ level, which is the section Tencent Games is responsible for, the user interface also resembles that of the Switch in terms of landscape and horizontal layout of its services, among other things. Google Play Store, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce Now and well as Chromium and YouTube.

In the upper left corner, a few icons appear that seem to indicate access to the user’s profile and settings, among other functions. The upper right corner shows the time, the various connectivities (Bluetooth and WiFi, in this case) and the battery of the device.

Logitech G Gaming handheld console set to go on sale later this year although the exact release date and price are yet to be known.