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Livia Dushkoff: “I was approached to do ‘The Angels’ of reality TV”

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Honestly, I loved it confides to us the one who has also done modeling and shares the jury of Miss Belgium with David Jeanmotte. And I would do it again with my eyes closed. Reality TV often has a pejorative side but that of ten years ago was not that of today. People were more authentic. Now people are trying to model each other. They are more superficial whereas before it was not so much the case.” Spontaneous by nature, Livia Dushkoff has fond memories of her adventure. “I got along well with TF1 production at the time. And the editing did not put me at a disadvantage. They respected my personality. Then, I had the opportunity to show later that I was not a girl reality show who did this to create a buzz. I was offered Les Anges twice, I refused. Same for La Villa des coeursbrokens. This kind of reality show with a script, where you already had to be in a relationship, where everything is instrumental, did not correspond to me. If I had wanted to do that to make a buzz, I would have continued in there.”

She cites the example of Nabilla to deplore what this kind of format has become. “When she made the buzz, all the others stuck to her, playing the bimbos with big breasts and a little scatterbrained. Except that her ‘hello what’ was authentic at the base. The rest therefore becomes borderline parodies of what has been done before.” And to conclude: “I never intended to pass myself off as a moron. I don’t understand the girls, and even the boys, who do a reality show to show a completely plastic… plastic precisely, which shows the stupidity of the thing. Nabilla, it was carelessness, her naturalness. However, today, there is nothing more natural and we lose authenticity.