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Little by little Omar Sy is making his nest… in Hollywood: he has just landed a great role

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“What a challenge”. It is with these words published on his Instagram account that Omar Sy unveiled the new project that awaits him across the Atlantic. Since the success ofUntouchables in 2011, the French actor continues to climb the ladder in the United States. After showing his face in X-Men: Days of Future, Jurassic Worldand, of course, played the gentleman burglar in Lupine on Netflix, he is announced in the main role of the remake of The Killer (1989) by John Woo. If the film was not an immediate success, it owes its notoriety to critics who praised its incredible action scenes. It is also – and above all! – which has become a benchmark of the genre to which directors like Quentin Tarantino cling, who gave him a few nods in Jackie Brown.

This remake of The Killer will again be directed by John Woo. Omar Sy will play the role of the killer trying to raise enough money to pay for the operation of a young woman he accidentally injured. We are far from Emissions after-sales service from Canal + which propelled Omar Sy and his sidekick Fred Testot into the spotlight.

The only downside, this new version of The Killer is intended to be broadcast on the Peacock platform which is not available here or in France. We will console ourselves with the second season (or the third part, go figure something out!) of Lupine expected on Netflix for the end of the year.

Omar Sy is also working on other projects. He signed a contract with HBO Max to develop series there. There too, in the current state of things, it will be a belt for Belgian viewers. Indeed, the deployment of the HBO Max platform in Europe has been stopped dead recently.