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Lio: “I opened the door to paedocriminals”

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At the heart of Chloé Thibaud’s book All for music, released on October 20, Lio confided in her regrets about her title “Banana Split” (1979). “This is the dessert that the abominable snowman serves to the abominable teenage child/A love of dessert“: everyone remembers the famous chorus of the song “Banana Split” performed by Lio, barely 16 years old at the time. At 60 today, the Belgian regrets having accepted to sing these lyrics with a “suggestive double meaning”. “I know that I totally opened the door to pedophile criminals and brought grist to their mill.explains Lio to the Parisian. I realize that today. I think I can be forgiven because, really, at that time, I did not see that I was totally complicit in this infamous treatment of young girls and young women..” And to continue his reflection. “I had the feeling that I was playing with something that was taboo. And I find that everything that is taboo, you have to shake it up a bit. But now, I wouldn’t have the same position at all, especially in this concerning incest.”

In conclusion, Lio compares his situation to that of France Gall, who had an equally explicitly erotic title with “Les Sucettes”, released in 1966.”Unlike France Gall, I knew what ‘Banana Split’ meant when I sang that song. But I understand now that I didn’t know that much.”