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Limited brewing, vintage glass and enamel plate: the ancestor of the “Jupiler” is back

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And on this occasion, the people of Liège will once again be able to taste the ancestor of the famous “Jupiler” pilsner: the “Jupiler Urtyp”, brewed in the 1950s by Albert van Damme, a pure malt lager which draws at 6.1°. “No less than 10,000 75 cl bottles will be offered to our employees and residents of our brewery, and distributed to several brewers in the region. Thus, any Liège resident who wishes, will be able to have their bottle”, commented Kristof Daskalovski , director of the Jupille brewery.

And that’s not all, since an exclusive 20 cl vintage glass, also called “quinquet” or “Dutch glass”, is going to be distributed to the Liège Horeca: “This glass adopts the curves and smooth format of glass history of the ‘Jupiler 5’. The bull also returns to its original form, on a red background. On the other side, the glass is flocked: ‘Née à Liège 1966’. A set of glasses is planned, to offer to customers of the Horeca network in the Liège region”, further explained the director.

Finally, a limited series of 100 enamel plates “Jupiler – Born in Liège / 1966” will be distributed to commercial partners in Liège.

The Jupille brewery will also be the scene of festivities for AB InBev’s partners and neighbors of the brewery on October 24, as well as staff on October 23.

The first vintage glasses were distributed with the mayor of Liège, Willy Demeyer, in cafes located on the Place du Marché in Liège early Monday evening.

The brewery employs around 700 people on its Jupille site, 20% of whom come from Liège.