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Lidl is now selling an electric car at a low price

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Lidl strikes again where it was not expected. After fashion and the first electric bicycles, the chain of low-cost stores is launching the sale of cars at low prices. They are also electric.


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07-18-22, 17:29

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In recent weeks, Lidl has expanded its catalog and sells an electric car. It is not the brand that manufactures these vehicles itself, but the German company Elaris, which has existed since 2020 and markets electric vehicles made in China to reduce costs. Among the three models offered by the manufacturer, Lidl set its sights on the FINN, a rebranding of the Zotye Zhima E30, a Chinese car that was produced and sold in the 2010s.

With a length of 2.8 meters, and equipped with a 48 horsepower engine allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 115 km/h, the FINN has a range of 300 km/h according to the manufacturer. Even if it looks like a Microcar, a car without a license, it is not. Its electric battery can be recharged in five hours on a standard socket and in less than an hour on a 30 kW fast socket.

Unfortunately for Belgians who would like to get this car, it is only available in German and Austrian stores. His price? 222 euros per month for the lucky ones who were able to get their hands on one of the first hundred cars put up for sale a few weeks ago. Otherwise, it will cost them 269 euros per month in the form of a subscription to the German startup Like2Drive. The list price of the Elaris FINN is 20,330 euros.

It remains to be seen if the sauce will take and if Lidl intends, one day, to extend its offer to the Belgian market.


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