You are currently viewing Les Inconnus announce their big comeback in an adapted formula but with the same cult sketches

Les Inconnus announce their big comeback in an adapted formula but with the same cult sketches

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“Auteuil, Neuilly, Passy”, “Les chasseurs” and other cult TV sketches by the Unknowns played identically by a host of stars: this is the principle of a program that TF1 will broadcast on November 14, with the Iconic comedian trio of the 90s.

Scheduled at 9:10 p.m., this program will be entitled “All Unknown”, TF1 announced on Tuesday. Lasting about 2 hours, it will include 19 of the 180 sketches created by the trio in the early 90s in their hit show “La télé des Inconnus”, broadcast at the time on the rival channel Antenne 2 (now France 2).

The roles they held there will be taken up by around sixty personalities, such as the actors François Berléand, Isabelle Nanty or Patrick Chesnais, the YouTubers McFly and Carlito, the rapper JoeyStarr, the singer Helena Noguerra or the footballer Adil Rami.

Interspersed with the sketches, this show will be a fiction in which the Unknowns will play their own role, but in a parallel reality where everyone has forgotten them.

The sketches, which a new generation has experienced on YouTube, were shot identically (same sets, costumes and dialogues). Among them, “It’s you that I love you”, “Sects”, “Rap-all”, or “Turn households”.

Seeing them played by others “is very disturbing: it’s very pleasant, and at the same time you feel dispossessed”, explained one of the Unknowns, Didier Bourdon, during the presentation of the program to the press.

Among the artists who took over their characters, “some that I had on the phone told me that they were very afraid”, assured another Unknown, Pascal Légitimus.

Dormant in recent years, the trio assured that they did not plan to return to TV with new sketches.

On the other hand, Didier Bourdon and Pascal Légitimus would like to go back on stage, but the third Unknown, Bernard Campan, is reluctant.

“It would be too much of a headache; at best it looks like + It’s just as good + (than before, editor’s note), but this job we do it to do things better”, he justified himself.

They have as a common project a film directed by Riad Sattouf, which is only at a very preliminary stage because the latter has not yet written the screenplay, they said.

In addition to the fiction “All unknown”, TF1 will broadcast a documentary on the trio, on a date still… unknown.