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Leisure in Luxembourg: Eating at the Schueberfouer will cost more

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Leisure in LuxembourgEating at the Schueberfouer will cost more

LUXEMBOURG – A price increase is to be expected in all the restaurants of the “Fouer”, from August 19.

David Wagner, of the restaurant “Friture Armand”, admits that he had to adapt his prices.

The essential

What sauce will visitors to the Schueberfouer eat? Two weeks before the great return of the carnival at Glacis, no restaurateur is hiding it: prices will increase. “Compared to 2019 prices, there is already 7.5% indexation”, calculates David Wagner, of the restaurant “Friture Armand”.

“The price of raw materials has exploded. For oil, we are talking about an increase of 150 to 200%. There will be an impact on our rates. They will not double, but they will rise by 15 to 20%,” he adds.

Beef, fish cost more

Among all the restaurateurs of the “Fouer”, oil is at the heart of the debates, but not only. “In terms of meat, beef is more expensive by 30%,” regrets David Wagner. “And the fish, at the purchase price, compared to the last edition, it has increased by 15-20%. There won’t be any shortages, but we had to store a lot of oil. And David Wagner to add that “the workers no longer work, either, for the wages of 2019”.

“There, we note an increase of 10%”, he notes. “In terms of energy, we are made to pay installments for electricity and gas. And with the gas, we are going to face a hell of a bill. We will go from simple to double. It’s quite unusual, but everyone seems to be coping with this situation by adjusting their prices.