You are currently viewing Lego Brawls, test and opinion: a Smash Bros-like without panache

Lego Brawls, test and opinion: a Smash Bros-like without panache

The still intact success of Smash Bros is visibly envious. After MultiVersus, here is a new fighting game in versus mode: Lego Brawls. The particularity of this one lies in the license it uses. The famous bricks will therefore do battle. And for its game, Lego has decided to surround itself with two major players in the sector: Bandai Namco for distribution, Red Games for development.

The grip, it must be admitted, works: the controls are intuitive, the movements quite fluid. However, do not expect a very sought-after gameplay: the fight, only the fight. And in the genre, Lego Brawls gets a little lost. During the fights, the general picture quickly becomes messy as possible. Difficult to navigate so in a general mess that requires us to tap nervously on all our buttons. Too bad for a title that wanted to simplify the codes of Smash Bros to offer a more “mainstream” game.

Not everything is to be thrown away, the system of special abilities (attacks that use wacky accessories like a horse, a tank, a raptor…) is quite good, as is the progression in the title. However, the whole thing lacks depth to really hang on for more than a few hours.

It is therefore difficult to find a place in the sun against the competition, especially since it will be necessary to pay 39 euros to afford the game (where MultiVersus is, basic, free with a Season Pass model). A substantial sum for a title that does not offer a single player mode.