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Leffe brewed in Russia? The AB InBev group reacts

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AB InBev reacted this Saturday afternoon following the publication of our article concerning the activities of the brewing group in Russia within the framework of its joint venture with the Turkish brewery Anadolu Efes. “AB InBev Efes is a joint venture, in which AB InBev has a 50% non-controlling interestsays the Belgian brewer. Active discussions continue between the parties regarding the sale of AB InBev’s non-controlling interest in the AB InBev Efes joint venture to its partner, Turkish brewer Anadolu Efes.

And to add:The suspension of the license to sell certain brands is part of the ongoing transaction discussions with Anadolu Efes. As previously announced, AB InBev also forgoes any financial benefit from the operations of the joint venture.

On August 5, the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Russia announced on his Twitter account followed by a few hundred subscribers that “Ihe brewing company AB InBev-Efes has started production of the Belgian beer Leffe Blonde et Brune in Russia. The beer will be produced at sites in Ulyanovsk, Kaluga, Omsk, Volzhsky, Saransk, Klin and Ivanovo.” And this while the brewing group had claimed in last april want to suspend its activities in Russia.

As we explained in an article published this Saturday morning on our website, since 2018, the brewers AB InBev and Anadolu Efes, respectively Belgian and Turkish, merged their operations in Russia and Ukraine in order to strengthen their positions in the Russian and Ukrainian markets. Fruit of this merger in equal parts, the new entity – also called joint venture – bears the name of these two parties “AB InBev-Efes”.