You are currently viewing Le Gastronome, the starred Ardennes restaurant that impresses with its inventiveness and prices

Le Gastronome, the starred Ardennes restaurant that impresses with its inventiveness and prices

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Food and gastronomy

A place to go with your eyes closed.

Located in the heart of the Ardennes a few kilometers from Bouillon, the Gastronome is a one-star hotel and restaurant that invites you to let go. In a stone building from the region, we discover a modern, design and intimate establishment. Jean Vrijdaghs and Sébastien Hankard, two starred chefs, imagined the place and the cuisine. Both try to promote Belgian gastronomy and local producers by imagining a menu that changes regularly. We had the opportunity to discover the gourmet menu served every lunchtime except Wednesday and Sunday. A menu that is very attractive because of its price: 48 euros.

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We thus began our meal with an aperitif in the living room where we had the opportunity to taste four appetizers: a parmesan and shellfish risotto, a pea tartlet, a goat cheese croquette with a bacon condiment and a crispy quinoa with red tuna and gooseberries. Dishes all very different from each other, with frank tastes, very aesthetically worked and each time served in unique containers.

We then continued our experience in the dining room. As a starter, we had the choice between local tomatoes served with mackerels, a lemon and pickle condiment, as well as a burrata and celery granita or an eggf low temperature accompanied by cauliflower and a hazelnut butter mousseline. For the main course, this time we had to choose between the fish of the day (here sea bass) served with artichokes and a shellfish emulsion or we could opt for the pIberian orc accompanied by bell pepper, confit eggplant and puffed potatoes. The meal ended with two distinct desserts: a crispy pistachio, mascarpone, blackcurrant and finally a frozen quenelle of strawberries and chervil. In a word: scrumptious. We have nothing to reproach the service, the accompaniment of the wines (20 euros extra) and especially the dishes. They were all served with meticulousness, full of colors and original combinations, but what struck us the most was undoubtedly the freshness of the products, the origin of which we know in detail each time.

© The Gastronome

Finally, we were treated to several miniardises with our coffee, all homemade of course and served on a stone. We recognize the talent of the chefs, who did not fail to meet the customers at the end of the service to introduce themselves. A very gourmet break, as its name suggests, that everyone can afford and that should not be missed under any circumstances if you are going to discover the magnificent region that is the Belgian Ardennes.

To book your table, it’s here. Note that Le Gatsterome offers a four, five or six course menu in the evening at 70, 85 or 105 euros.