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Launch of the RTL info basket / Test Purchases: here is the “real” price increase in supermarkets

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RTL info and Test Achats are now committed to monitoring the purchasing power of Belgians every month, starting on Tuesday 4 October. We will follow the evolution of the prices of the products which constitute the shopping cart base of the Belgians, and we will try to explain the causes and the consequences.

To achieve this, there are concrete figures, counted over months and years. We are talking about the prices of around 3,000 products, in the Aldi, Carrefour, Colruyt, Cora, Delhaize, Lidl and Albert Heijn stores (present in Flanders only).

Prices in supermarkets have increased by 13.2% in one year

And it starts very strong. According to the most recent data, namely the analysis for the month of September, the average overall price increase that we have observed is 13.2% in one year (i.e. compared to September 2021). The figures from Test Achats and RTL info are therefore higher than official inflation (11.27%, See the details), which is of course based on criteria that go beyond the shopping cart basis of the Belgians.

What rose the most in September 2022?

The 3 products whose price increased the most this month are:

  • The paper aluminum (+42% compared to September 2021)
  • The mustard (+38%)
  • The spaghetti (+37%)

Next come paper items (toilet paper, paper towels and paper handkerchiefs, + 34%), frying oil (+ 34%) or semi-skimmed milk (+ 29%), chicken fillets (+23%) and mayonnaise (+22%).

What went down the most in September 2022?

On the other side of the rankings, here are the three supermarket products that fell in price the most:

  • The lemons (-10%)
  • The apples Granny Smith (-8%)
  • The tomatoes (-5%)

With current prices, a household of two people average spend 5.759€ per year at the supermarket, i.e. €468 per month. That’s €55 more than a year ago and €4 more than a month ago…

See you on Wednesday for more details and analysis on price trends for supermarket products.