You are currently viewing “Large families”: Faustine Bollaert surprised by the confidence of a participant

“Large families”: Faustine Bollaert surprised by the confidence of a participant

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Anonymous and celebrities follow one another on the set of “
it starts today
» on France 2. Hosted by Faustine Bollaert, the show invites its guests to come and tell about the significant events of their lives. This Thursday, September 29, it is a television personality, Diana Blois, who was one of the guests. The mother of a family is known to TF1 viewers since she is part of one of the big families of the show “Large families, life in XXL. »

Mother of nine children, Diana Blois explained that she had experienced a terrible break with the father of her first seven children. Before getting together with Gérôme, her current companion and father of her last two children, she had therefore registered on a dating site. Also present on the set, Anaïs, her eldest daughter, indulged in a few secrets about this period in her mother’s life.

I was old enough to understand things. I lived through the divorce of mom and dad. And then meeting some boys “, she recalls. ” I can’t count “, she admits in front of her embarrassed mother and the hilarious set.

It’s swollen say so “jokes the presenter. ” it swings! There were so many that it was a collection? The young girl then tries to explain herself: It’s just that I don’t remember anymore. » Fortunately, Diana Blois had fun with the situation. Today in a relationship with Gérôme, she lives her happiness surrounded by all her tribe.