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Laeticia Hallyday: the role she played discreetly, behind the scenes, with Johnny

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It’s been almost five years since Johnny Hallyday left. In a tribute book that highlights the very special link that the idol had with Belgium – “Johnny, Belgium in the blood” – RTL INFO journalist Amélie Schildt also evokes the crucial role that Laeticia played behind the scenes .

During the hundreds of concerts given by the singer, his wife was never far away. Just before the start of the show, she used to make her appearance, applauded by part of the crowd. She greeted the fans in the front row before going to take her place in the room. Then, and only then, the show could begin. Laeticia actually knew Johnny’s biggest fans very well, those who were ready to camp for whole nights in front of the concert halls, just to secure the best place, at the barrier, facing the artist.

Backstage meetings

In her book “Johnny, Belgium in the blood”, Amélie Schildt tells how Laeticia organized meetings between fans and the singer. It allowed some to meet him after the show, discreetly and without a camera, in the dressing rooms. In all relaxation and in this rare intimacy, Johnny Hallyday took the time to chat with his admirers. He signed dedications, and posed for very precious souvenir photos. “It’s a little ritual that Laeticia has established night after night, in the shadows, to forge links between the most loyal fans – who end up being easily identified – and her husband. An exchange, a photo. A parenthesis enchanted for admirers who do not have time to realize what is happening to them, with the key to lasting memories”can we read.

Tribute to the Madeleine

Author Amélie Schildt reveals that Laeticia will continue to play this role after Johnny’s death. During the tribute to the Madeleine, she allows some handpicked fans to enter the church, to attend the ceremony, among the many people invited. “What is my amazement when I see the security service coming towards [Nadine – une fan belge], to guide her inside the Madeleine. The lifelong fan will be able to say goodbye to Johnny in the same way as the star’s family and loved ones”, writes the RTL INFO journalist again. While Laeticia Hallyday prepares from Los Angeles the great exhibition dedicated to Johnny, which will open its doors in Brussels on December 20, 2022, she continues to keep a link with her husband’s fans.

“Johnny, la Belgique dans le sang”, a book published by Harper Collins and available in bookstores.