You are currently viewing “La paloma adieu”, the moving duet between Arno and Mireille Mathieu

“La paloma adieu”, the moving duet between Arno and Mireille Mathieu

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For years, we thought Arno was kidding us when he said he dreamed of a duet with Mireille Mathieu. It must be said that he has always had the gift of covering things up with his stock of jokes and punchlines systematically drawn during each interview. It was his way of protecting himself, of avoiding having to talk about his private life, which he most often kept secret.

In the end, this idea of ​​a collaboration with Mireille Mathieu was anything but a gag. It materialized on the day of his death, April 23. That day, Mireille Mathieu recorded her vocal part of “La paloma adieu”, the hit she had released in 1973. And it was when she left the studio that she learned of Arno’s disappearance.

The track was unveiled this weekend, as an aperitif before the release of the album Opex at the end of the month. We find there the rocky and mischievous voice of Arno. And if she is a little weak because of illness (damn pancreatic cancer!), he is doing well with a spoken style that we believe borrowed from Serge Gainsbourg.

Fans will also have the impression of hearing in the background some melodies and arrangements appearing on “La paloma”, title present on the album of Charles and the Lulus recorded by Arno, Roland Van Campenhout, Ad Cominotto and Piet Jorens in 1991 (the original dates from 1863 and has been repeated more than 2000 times since then).

This version of “La paloma adieu” is pure Arno, with a little old-fashioned touch in addition. In any case, the voices of the Ostend and Avignonnaise blend perfectly in a vocal ballet that we are happy to hear. The whole exudes a palpable emotion, especially when Mireille Mathieu ends the title a cappella with these words: “La paloma… farewell”, emphasizing the latter.

Listen on repeat while waiting Opex September 30.