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Kylie Jenner Still Hasn’t Picked a Name for Her 7-Month-Old Son: Here’s Why (Video)

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Kylie Jenner is still not ready to share the name of her 7-month-old son. At the time of the birth, the reality star and her partner Travis Scott announced that the baby was named Wolf. But they quickly changed their minds.

FYI, our son’s name is no longer Wolf. We just don’t feel like it looks like him. I just wanted to share it with you, because I see wolves everywhere“, wrote the small sister by Kim kardashians in Instagram story in March.

Thursday, the youngest of the famous clan was invited on the set of “The Late Late Show” by James Corden. She clarified that she has not “officially, legally exchange the name.

The 25-year-old star clarified that “his name is still Wolf, his passport is Wolf, but it won’t be his name. We just wait and simmer. We don’t call him Wolf.

Kylie added that she’s not “ready to share yet ‘because Travis Scott often thinks of names’cool“and change”Again“.

The host advised Kylie Jenner to “focus on a noun“, and she replied:We did it.

When James Corden asked if the name was still animal-themed, the reality star replied:Nope.

Jenner gave birth to her second baby in February, four years after welcoming her daughter stormy.

In April, Jenner told “Extra” that she was hesitant to announce her newborn baby’s name for fear of “change again“. The 25-year-old mother has also been discreet in her son’s photos.

However, she spoke candidly about her postpartum struggles, including in a promotion for season 2 of “The Kardashians“.

Kylie’s Creator Cosmeticscried non-stop for three weeks after giving birth“, she said to her sister Kendall Jenner in the trailer, saying she “should be happy.”