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Kurt Angle Reveals Message He Sent Vince McMahon Upon Retirement Announcement

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During an interview for WrestleRant, Kurt Angle revealed that he messaged Vince McMahon after his retirement announcement.

He tells us :

“I texted him five days ago when he decided to retire. I said, ‘I love you, Vince.’ I didn’t want to go into details, what happened, this and that. He replied, ‘I love you too.’ That’s all we said to each other. Vince has always been kind of a father figure to me. We had a falling out in 2006, but we reconciled in 2017 and I love this guy to death. He’s a great person. We all make mistakes as human beings and Vince is no different, but he’s a great person.”

Kurt Angle then talks about the changes to WWE’s management side:

“They make adjustments. It’s sad to see Vince go. He’s the one who made WWE work. He has always been the man for the job and he will continue to be, whether he is there or not. I’m not worried about the company, I’m a little worried that Vince isn’t here anymore. I have every confidence that Stephanie and Triple H are going to be able to carry the company. I honestly believe, I don’t know if I should say it or not, but I think Vince will be behind the scenes. I think he will never let go of the product. He’s going to text Triple H and Stephanie and make sure he’s involved. There is no doubt about it. I really believe it.”

Like Ric Flair and many other people, Kurt Angle is sad to see Vince McMahon retiring after so many years spent within this federation which he made grow. The Vince McMahon chapter comes to an end and a hopeful new era for WWE wrestling begins with a new vision much more in tune with the times.

The full interview:

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