You are currently viewing “Koh-Lanta”: seven months after the scandal, Claude returns to the accusations of cheating which made him lose 100,000 euros

“Koh-Lanta”: seven months after the scandal, Claude returns to the accusations of cheating which made him lose 100,000 euros

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While he has rarely spoken since this nasty case of cheating, in the anniversary edition of ” Koh Lanta », Claude Dartois has just returned to the charges against him. It is in the pages of the latest issue of France Dimanche, released this Friday, July 29, that the adventurer evokes the scandal, without really confirming or denying what he is accused of. ” It made me smile to see that those who spoke were those who were not there. Me, I never expressed myself on seasons in which I did not participate he confides, when our colleagues ask him how he experienced the case. But when asked about the veracity of the rumours, the ex-candidate remains evasive: “ We have heard a lot of things, most of them wrong. But I accept, it’s part of the game. And no matter what he said to himself and did, I have my conscience for me. “An answer that casts doubt, and which seems above all to indicate that we will never know the whole truth about this affair, which has seriously tarnished the reputation of TF1’s flagship game.

As a reminder, last December, the end of “Koh-Lanta: The Legend” had been disrupted by accusations of clandestine dinners on the set. A damning photo was put forward in particular as proof that several candidates had had access to food on the sidelines of the filming. Some rumors even spoke of feasts in a heavenly hotel, based on steak and fries… During the adventure, Teheiura had, meanwhile, admitted having cheated and eaten fish offered by a local fisherman, who had recognized him. ” Inevitably, it is hunger like everyone else. Of the five adventures I’ve been on, this is definitely the toughest physically in terms of survival. And so mentally too. And at one point, I was there, he wasn’t very far away… “he had admitted facing Denis Brogniart. After an investigation, the production had decided to invalidate the votes of the final council and to cancel the victory, which should have gone to Claude, during the final. As for the 100,000 euros, they had been offered to the association of Bertrand-Kamal. Already at the time, Claude, designated as the big loser of this deception, had refused to express himself clearly on the situation, declaring to Public: “ I will not respond to this vendetta against me! He said to himself, otherwise serene, affirming that he was waiting to see proof of the famous accusations.