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Kiwi Farms has been hacked – Interstars

After the Kiwi Farms hack became known, there was uncertainty among forum users. Did the attackers also target PM?

The Kiwi Farms proxy service and Kiwi Farms itself have been hacked. Forum users should change their passwords immediately, bearing in mind that personal messages etc. can be compromised.

Kiwi Farms announces that it has been hacked

Hacking Kiwi Farms

Joshua Moon announced around 10:30 this morning that the Vsys host used by Moon as a “forward proxy” was compromised yesterday.

But it’s not enough. The hackers also managed to hack the forum themselves today. The council’s Telegram channel reads: ” Today website was hacked to change avatars of all members to logos of another website“.

However, the attackers apparently also managed to remove every entry from the forum index.

Joshua Moon says he has a forum backup, but doesn’t seem to be sure how deep the attack was or how big the vulnerability really was.

Who or what were the attackers looking for?

It is unclear who or what the attackers were targeting. Kevin Beaumont suspects the hackers of having been interested in the private messages that users can exchange with each other on the forum.

According to him, it is very likely that Joshua Moon’s account was the main target. Because private messages between members of a forum are known to be a veritable goldmine of compromising material.

Kiwi Farms users discuss the incident

Kevin Beaumont therefore advises forum users to change their passwords immediately. More than sound advice. Because Moons has not done anything comparable in this direction so far.

In the comments on the announcement of the hack, you can see how great the uncertainty and anger of forum users is.

Joshua Moon does not rest

Since the start of the DropKiwiFarms operation, Joshua Moon has not been able to rest. It’s not just the ongoing DDoS attacks that are causing problems for the forum. More and more often, different service providers are turning their backs on the card or suddenly charging exorbitant prices.

It is not foreseeable that this will change in the near future. Joshua Moon, meanwhile, can’t do much more than contain the damage. No one can guess how things will continue for Kiwi Farms in the long term.