Kindle Scribe is the first Kindle with a giant screen and a stylus to write

TabletsAmazon unveiled Kindle Scribe, the company’s first device to break away from the usual lineup of ebook readers: Kindle Scribe features a large 10.2″ 300 PPI e-ink display and stylus for taking notes. Impossible not to think of Kobo Elipsa, a very similar device launched by Kobo a few months ago. On the other hand, the sector of large pen-based ebook readers – once chaired almost exclusively by ReMarkable – is growing rapidly, even with the interest of companies new to the world of e-ink (see Huawei MatePad Paper ).But Amazon seems to have glimpsed some interesting novelties in terms of user experience (and not only). plus the highest resolution display (it’s the world’s first with 10.2″ size and 300 PPI density), Kindle Scribe will let you handwrite on books using digital sticky notes: as you can guess from the release press releases and images, we can imagine them as virtual post-its that attach to a specific point in the book, but which will leave us more space to take notes. A potentially more practical solution than the notes taken in the margin of the book, constrained by the limited space of the margins, by the size of the font and the layout.

Obviously there will be the possibility of writing directly to PDFs, which can be easily sent to the device from a PC or smartphone via the Send-to-Kindle function. Additionally, from 2023 it will be possible to send documents to Kindle Scribe also directly from Microsoft Word. But in addition to books and PDFs, Kindle Scribe will also allow you to write in a digital notebook, also offering different models depending on the need (for example lines, squares or a to-do list). All notebooks will be saved automatically and free of charge in the cloud and, from the beginning of 2023, it will also be possible to access them also from the Kindle application. Kindle Scribe can be used with two different styluses, Basic or Premium: both promise maximum precision and naturalness in writing and both are attached to the side of the device via a magnetic connection (but do not require recharging ); Additionally, the Premium comes with an eraser on top (for convenient erasing) and a customizable shortcut button, with which you can launch the eraser, highlighter, or create a new sticky note.

Obviously there will be all the other typical Kindle features, such as the Kindle store where you can buy books, access to the Kindle Unlimited catalog for subscribers (4 months free for those who subscribe when setting up device) and the ability to tune the reading experience by adjusting characters, line spacing, etc. Kindle Scribe is available for pre-order starting today, with shipping in the coming weeks, with prices starting at €369.99. It is available in 16GB, 32GB or 64GB memory sizes, with either Basic or Premium stylus. There will also be covers, in different colors and in leather, premium leather or fabric, which can be folded to support Kindle Scribe at different reading angles.