You are currently viewing Kim Kardashian snubbed by fashion priestess Anna Wintour in the middle of the show (video)

Kim Kardashian snubbed by fashion priestess Anna Wintour in the middle of the show (video)

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You can be a public figure and take the winds. Kim kardashians is living proof. During Fashion weekend at New Yorkand as she attended the parade Fendi spring 2023, Kim K was snubbed by Anna wintourthe editor-in-chief of Vogue.

Kim kardashians was among the guests seated in the front row. With her : Sarah Jessica Parker, but also the actress and dj, LaLa Anthony. If the first rank is a proof of high standing, it does not prevent the priestess of fashion from snubbing you if she wants to. The one who inspired the character of Miranda in “The Devil Wears Prada” is known for her cold temper. As she walks towards the famous sister kardashiansshe turns to her neighbor. In the video that quickly went viral on social media, you can see Kim’s eyes kardashians squirm.

The extract lasts only a few seconds, but it is possible to see that the former companion of Kanye West subtly says a “hello” as he adjusts his purse. She tries to hide the discomfort as best she can.

A real wind? We cannot say so. The video is cut in the middle of the scene. It is therefore possible that after wintour turned to the reality TV star to greet her. Which wouldn’t be surprising, as the two fashion icons (in very different styles) know each other relatively well. A few weeks ago, entrepreneur Kim kardashians had also published a photo of them both with the same very strict square. Moreover, Kim K has even already been validated to do the cover of Vogue, but also for collaborations between the magazine and her skincare brand, SKKN by Kim.