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Killer Clown on a Train Full of Students: The Terror Train Trailer

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After “Bullet train” and its train of hired killers, here is “Terror Train” and its train full of students and a clown-killer.

If you are coulrophobic go your way!

After Terrifier 2 which causes fainting and vomiting, here is Terror Train.

The feature film is a remake of the 80s slasher The Monster on the Train, in which Jamie Lee Curtis, Ben Johnson and David Copperfield confront a masked killer who has come to demand revenge.

Directed by Quebec director Philippe Gagnon, this contemporary version of the film follows students who board a train for a Halloween party. The evening quickly turns into a nightmare when the participants are slaughtered one by one by an unknown killer.

Hidden by the costumes and plagued by chaos, everyone is suspicious. As the party train steams on, young Alana must race against time to find the killer before she becomes his next victim.

Here the killer is therefore hidden under the costume of a clown. Which will delight fans of killer clown films, which have become a sub-category of the genre since the TV movie It – He’s Back (1990) adapted from the famous novel by Stephen King.

Led by Robyn Alomar, Tim Rozon, Max Laferriere and Nadine Bhabha, Terror Train will be streamed in the United States on Tubi on October 31.

What if the perfect Halloween costume this year was the clown?