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Kate Middleton surprises a journalist by amusing her son while he is in the bathroom

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While we imagine, Kate Middleton surrounded by lots of bodyguards in a black car, the latter would have taken the train to go to the Commonwealth Games according to a journalist. Indeed, in a tweet, BBC Radio journalist Matthew Syed recounted his funny encounter with the Duchess of Cambridge … In the toilets of the train. We tell you.

At first, Kate Middleton would first have fallen on Ted, the son of Matthew Syed. The child was alone in front of the toilets of the train. The mother of the three royal children then allegedly asked the little boy: “You are alone ?” To which he would have replied that he was wisely waiting for his dad. While waiting for the return of the father, Kate and the child would therefore have begun to discuss long and joyfully. The little boy showed Kate the gold medal of his father. On twitter, Matthew Syed explains: “I was in the bathroom on the train yesterday while my son was waiting outside. He spoke to a woman who was waiting for her turn. They chatted, laughed. I went out to thank her. It was Kate!“Indeed, the journalist would not have immediately recognized the Duchess of Cambridge, because she was surprisingly alone.

A shared confusion

If the journalist did not recognize Kate, Kate also did not understand that she was talking to a journalist. In an article written for the Times in which he recounts the amusing anecdote of his meeting with William’s wife, Matthew Syed explains: “I heard laughter. By the time I step out of the toilet we are only a few minutes from the arrival station… I then turned around and said ‘Oh, and thank you for keeping her company’“. He pursues : “I stopped in my tracks. I frowned and said, ‘Kate?’ There were no security guards. But the Duchess of Cambridge was chatting happily with my son.

A memory engraved in the memory of the little boy? Nothing is less sure. Matthew Syed asked his son if he knew who he had been talking to. And the young child answered: “I have no idea, but the lady was very nice” Matthew Syed, by way of conclusion, would like to mention that this pretty story reflects the temperament of the Duchess: “Kate had no idea she was chatting with a reporter’s son. This reflects his personality and his sense of duty. The British monarchy is in good hands“.